No one can hold a candle to them!

Also on the last day of The Digital Swiss 5, Jason Osborne and Marlen Reusser lived up to their roles as favourites. Despite tough opposition from their competitors, they also prevailed in the races in Basel and Zurich.

In the first race around the Rhine in picturesque Basel, Marlen Reusser was able to stay in the men’s leading group for a long time. The flat course certainly suited Reusser. It was fantastic how she stood up to her male colleagues! In the last third of the race, Osborne and Stein were able to break away from the leading group. For a long time it looked like a close race. In the end it was again a strong attack by Jason Osborne which secured him the victory. Team Zurich with Gino Mäder, Marlen Reusser and Adrien Briffod sprinted against each other for 10th place. The resulting 11th place in this sprint for European time trial champion Reusser was equivalent to another victory in the women’s category.

Before the final race in Zurich, the team ranking presented an exciting starting position. Could Team Lugano still be caught up? In the men’s individual category, Thomas Steger, who had been racing from home, was able to keep up with Osborne for a long time. But in the last 10 kilometres, the neo-professional cyclist once again pulled away irresistibly. The women’s race was exciting for a long time. Until the end it was a fight between Mavi Garcia from Spain and Marlen Reusser. Teammates in real road cycling and competitors in the digital cycling world. In the end, Reusser was able to put her hands to the sky once again and be happy about his fifth victory in the fifth race. Just like the e-sports world champion cyclist, Jason Osborne.

Team Lugano did not miss a beat in the last race and won ahead of Team Basel. However, the lead was only seven points at the end. Great digital cycling also on the last day in the Saalsporthalle.